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Klingersil C 8200
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29 Jan 2020
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Klingersil C 8200 Tel. 081325868706

Klingersil C 8200 tel. 081325868706

Klingersil C8200 Packing Gasket Sheet (Fiber) Glass fiber with Hypalon ™ binder


- Used in various chemicals including many acids and bases, oils and fuels.

- Specialist classes are designed for use with acid.

- Resistant to sulfate and uoric acid hydrofl.


- Resistant to most mineral acids

- Resistant to alkalis, ketones and aldehydes

- Resistant to lots of refrigerants

- Resistant to oil, fuel, hydrocarbons etc.

- Available in sheet form and as cut gaskets

- 3xA anti stick finish on both sides

Size: 150CM X 200CM

Pressure: 60 kg

Temperature: 200 C

Graphite Gasket

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